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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 91 - Eng Sub

1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 91 - Eng Sub

At Damyang -South Jeolla, members were divided into three teams of two for a race to the camp base with lunch as the reward. They were allowed to choose their own partner for the race and they had to hold their partners' hand all the way to the destination.
In this episode, the members played the pitch games for the first time.

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 86 - Eng Sub

1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 86 - Eng Sub

The 36th trip "Winter Special Vacation" with Park Chanho -the first ever baseball player in Korea to advance to the American major league. In this episode, Park Chanho took part as the guide for his hometown -Gongju, and due to Park Chanho's popularity, this special episodes's rating were boosted up quite high.

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 84 - Eng Sub

1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 84 - Eng Sub

1N2D Members were divided into 2 teams (Kang Hodong - Lee Seunggi - Eun Jiwon VS Kim C - Lee Sugeun - MC Mong) for a race by cars to Yuseongewan Haenam -the traditional inn with 400 years of history, at the foothils of Mt Duryun.  The winner got a 2-hour rest in a warm room while the loser had to face the coldest punishment ever by taking a dip into the freezing stream near the inn. The race lead to a heated argument when one of the teams broke the rule by hitchhiking an employee's car at Mt Duryun.


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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 63 - Eng Sub

Summer Holiday! A family of 4 members got $200 for the trip to countryside while the rest were left out without any money. Kang Hodong played as the father, Kim C as the mother, MC Mong as the daughter and Eun Jiwon as maknae son. Meanwhile, Lee Seunggi and Lee Sugeun had to earn money on their own for food and transportation.

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 62 - Eng Sub

The member finally arrived at Baekdu Mountain where they had to hike the  steep steps that literally made them crawl their way up. Along the way, some hikers were seen giving up due to severe exhaustion since the steps become very steep at an angle of about 70 degree. 

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 61 - Eng Sub

After 19-hour trip by boat, the member arrived at their first stop -Dandong China, on their way to Baekdu Mountain where surprisingly a crowd of people already waited for them. The crowd continued to gather and the crew then decided to cancel the filming for everyone's safety. Instead, the member performed a mini  concert for their fans at Yeongjong.      

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 60 - Eng Sub

1N2D members finally went to Baekdu Mountain on 4 night 5 days trip. The members had originally planned to travel by land, however negotiations with the North Korean side were unsuccessful, thus it is confirmed that they will be travelling to Baekdu Mountain via China. For those who doesn't know, Korean consider mount Baekdu as a place of their ancestral origin. It is consider as a sacred place and a legendary foundation of Korea. From dinasty to dinasty, Baekdu Mountain is considered as the spiritual oasis of this nation at which worshipping rituals were held. It is believed that korean history started from here.

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 59 - Eng Sub

To make up for his team's loss, Kang Hodong took challenge to play sireum (Korean wrestle) against 6 soldiers. It's been 17 years since Kang Hodong competed in sireum so even the soldiers and members thought it would be impossible for Kang Hodong to win the game.

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 58 - Eng Sub

Out of boredom, the members spent the night fooling around with any props they can find. They even made the first ever 1N2D Action Movie 'The Mean Kids" about the fight between the  nice kids(Lee Seunggi and Kim C) versus the Mean Kids (Kang Hodong as the mean sea lion, Lee Sugeun as the mean boss, Eun Jiwon as the mean yet cute doolly  and MC Mong as -of course- the mean monkey) LOL

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 57 - Eng Sub

The second '3 days and 2 nights Special'! The member went on the cheapest tour package to the farthest island northwest 'Baekryeong Island' where one of them had to get off at Deokcheong Island to catch mullet fish worth USD 1 each. The "lucky" member was none other than crazy monkey MC Mong accompanied by his manager AKA Hodong's twin -Hunseok.

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 55- Eng Sub

The member had to visit every city in Gyeonggi Province based on the yut games and return to the starting point on time. They must accomplish a mission in each destination before heading to other place.  Later, Lee Seunggi willingly signed three-generation contract to avoid a mission.

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 54 - Eng Sub

1N2D went back to radio station at Chunju University for a live broadcast with KBS' "Music Bank" as MC Mong is one of the contenders for the number one spot. Later, they spent the night at the  location set of KBS' Drama "King Sejong" where Eun Jiwon managed to get revenge on the crew during bokbulbok.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 53 - Eng Sub

This time, they just have to go to Mungyeong and spend the night there. However, as usual, the crew added  a "little" twist to the trip. First, members are divided into 2 teams, Kang Hodong - Kim C - Lee Seunggi versus Lee Sugeun - Eun Jiwon - MC Mong. Next, they play a game to win the car with a full tank of gas and $10 while the loser will get a car with just a little gas and no money.

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 52 - Eng Sub

To decide who three members that had to sleep outdoor, they played "Kung Kung Ta" (쿵쿵따), a game where a person says a word that does not exist and the next person has to make a new word that doesn't exist with the ending letter. If the loser want to to avoid sleeping outdoor, he has to eat the barely edible kimbab (rice rolls) filled with salty-spicy-fishy ingredients. 

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 51 - Eng Sub

This episode's mission is to locate a school in Gangwon Province based on its photo only. If they reach the school in an hour and a half, they will be rewarded with delicious lunch. Watch how Eun Jiwon desperately told Sanggeun to smell the photo and find the school  LOL

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 48 - Eng Sub

Without any preparation, members planned to enter KBS National Singing Contest on the next day to promote Geochang strawberry. They spend all night practicing the song with Lee Seunggi and Kang Hodong as lead vocals. They even managed to create dance that later become their trademark dance.

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 47 - Eng Sub

Members had to endure 400-km trip to Geochang without any money or food. Instead of providing money for food, Lee PD will give quiz at rest areas to members as a chance to earn their food. The same question will be given to each member separately and each of them has to answer it correctly.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 46 - Eng Sub

For bokbulbok, they went to audience recording session for 1N2D at KBS and had the audience to vote for the member who made them laugh the most. On the way to KBS, they decided to add one more criteria to vote for the most handsome member since this issue had been bugging MC Mong- Kim C- Lee Sugeun for ages.

Monday, July 30, 2012

1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 45 - Eng Sub

The second freestyle trip! This time, Eun Jiwong as the leader decided the trip destination while the rest of members and 70 crew with 15 vehicles had to abide to every instruction given by Eun Jiwon. Can you imagine Eun Jiwon AKA Eun Choding (childish) lead the pack? LOL

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 44 - Eng Sub

Members got to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Udo without any mission nor bokbulbok due to the bad weather. They got to experience the utmost attraction of Udo by fooling around with freezing sea water that caused 'underwear incident' LOL.

In this episode, Lee Seunggi earned another nickname of "The Ruler/Emperor" that had influence over the tv network.

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 43 - Eng Sub

Trip to Jejudo! Three members got privilege to go to Jejudo by plane that took only an hour trip while the rest had to experience 13-hour trip by boat. During the trip, a three headed monster made a horror appearance while teacher Lee Seunggi got speechless trying to teach english to ignorant students.

1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 42 - Eng Sub

Another defeat for Kang Hodong, he was punished to become a slave and had nothing to eat for a day. As usual, he then tried to lobby other members for a game to revoke his punishment and confidently suggested a game based on condition of 1 player against 5 players.

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 41 - Eng Sub

While Eun Jiwon had signed 1N2D's contract for life, it's Lee Seunggi's turn to sign contract to work until 2010 in return of one corndog for each member. Stingy PD Lee even made Seunggi to write an agreement for no pay rise during that period of time.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 40 - Eng Sub

Again, Kang Hodong - Lee Seunggi - Kim C team had to suffer another defeat on sleeping bokbulbok and -of course- they tried many ways to make excuses for staying indoor.

In the morning,  another ridiculous controversy had risen. The controversy began when Kim C made fun of MC Mong's ugly face and in no time they argued on who had the ugliest face among of them.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) episode 39 - Eng Sub

In this episode, each member was given task to accompany grandmothers that live alone in Yeonggwang Mapado. MC Mong accompanied grandmother that keep forgetting his name while Kang Hodong nagged other grandmother for a "taste" of her salad and ended up with a BOWL (!!) of rice mixed with fresh lettuce salad LOL.


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